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Unit 195 Annual Regional Tournament - Petoskey 2014

What a great tournament it was!!!  The turnout was fabulous.   The play was competitive.  And the venue was awesome.  Overall, 881 tables were played over six full days of play.  517 different players earned a total of 5428 masterpoints.  And we were honored to have some of the biggest names in the game join us, including Jeff Meckstroth, Mike Cappelletti, Michael Seamon, Jerry Helms, Pam Granovetter, Jim Barrow, Larry Mori and others.  


Our Petoskey Bridge Club was well represented, both in number and in winnings!  


Two of our players earned enough gold points to achieve the Life Master ranking.   Dave Muzzall and Melissa Georges. Congratulations to both of them.  


Linda Roberts topped the list of local players who won masterpoints by winning a whopping 37.93 masterpoints!  For a complete listing of event and overall winners, click HERE.


All in all, a fabulous tournament.

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2144 Cemetery Road, Petoskey~ Behind Lowes ~


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PO Box 722

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