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Online Instruction - The Common Game

Another online instruction resource comes with our use of a teaching tool entitled The Common Game (TCG). Top-ranked experts provide a critique of a select six to eight hands among the those played that day by our players. The experts write in a clear, non-technical way about the bidding and play such that our players can quickly see what worked and what did not.  Some of the hands include videos of top players talking about how they would handle the tougher moments in the auction or play.

By using the TCG deals, the program enables our players to compare how they did on each hand they played, not just with a dozen or so other Petoskey pairs, but with the results from up to 1,000 tables from all around the country that will have played the same hands at the same time. It’s kind of scary and kind of exciting all at once. 

Players can sign up online at by using their ACBL number and can then specify how often they want to see results and whether to get that information by text message or email. Enrollment does not affect club scores or masterpoint awards, but The Common Game distributes monthly, quarterly and annual prizes based on matchpoints that are scored by combining the results from all participating clubs.

Want to learn how to use The Common Game site and make the most of this new learning tool?

Go to the TCG home page and look at the upper right for the orange buttons for Tutorials and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). The tutorials are step-by-step videos explaining the functions such as the hand analysis and the scoring comparisons.


Be sure to enroll and provide your email address so that you will automatically receive an email each time you play a set of The Common Game hands -- whether  you are playing in Petoskey or at another club that uses TCG hands. Those emails have easy links to get to your personal results. 

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