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Instructional Program

  • In 2015, the PDBC designated an ACBL-certified teacher as its Education Coordinator.  A former public school superintendent, Allison White, tackled the task not only with enthusiasm, but with the needed knowledge of an educator.  She instituted a far-reaching instructional program beginning in the summer of 2016.  In the first year, free classes were provided to 32 people over a 10-week period in the summer.  The group was divided into two sections – one for those who had never played bridge and the second group for those who knew the basics and wanted to continue their education.  In addition to teaching the students, the majority of whom were senior citizens, mentoring was provided to develop a team of teachers.  Instruction was provided at the public library as a joint venture with the North Central Michigan College’s continuing education program.

  • In its second year, 56 seniors participated in the 10-week summer learning program.  Instruction was provided at the Bridge Center.  Two lead teachers designed instructional materials based upon a new program which had recently been adopted by ACBL for the 14 people who had never before played bridge.  Forty-two people participated in the intermediate class which focused on the bidding communication system, playing and defending.

  • Enrollment has grown each year.  The third year’s 63 students used instructional materials written by a professional bridge teacher designed for beginning and intermediate players.  An article appeared in the ACBL’s monthly magazine, The Bridge Bulletin, describing the PDBC’s unique approach and its success.

  • In its fourth year, 2019, 110 students enrolled and participated in the free 10-week summer classes.  Teaching materials were developed by the ACBL-certified lead teachers based upon a book written by two internationally-acclaimed bridge teachers. Six different instructors led the lessons using overhead projection to supplement the hard-copy handouts provided to all students.

Bernadette teaching.jpg

Bernadette teaching the class.

  • The 2020 summer instructional program awaits reopening of the Bridge Center, closed temporarily upon recommendation of the ACBL due to COVID-19.  As part of its 2020 educational programming, PDBC had contracted to bring an internationally-renown professional teacher and champion bridge player to give a two-day seminar at the Bridge Center.  Within a week after opening registration for the seminar, 130 people had registered.

  • Planning has begun for the 2021 summer education program, and PDBC has contracted another internationally-renown bridge teacher to conduct a two-day session of classes and guided play. 

  • Though the Bridge Center being closed due to COVID-19 has precluded conducting classes at the Bridge Center, instruction has continued via online Zoom classes each week.  PDBC has also organized and conducted five online games each week.

  • The continued growth of participants in the PDBC’s summer education program attests to the program’s efficacy and to the interest and commitment of its senior citizens/players to their continued learning.

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