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Looking for a Partner?

We Want to Make Sure You'll Get One

Bob Giddings is one of our frequent Rovers. You will do well with him as a partner.

Want to try to find a partner for a specific day or days? Clicking on the button above will take you to a page where you can tell other players about your availability and they will be able to contact you to confirm a partnership.

In addition, we work hard to make sure that any person may come to the club and play bridge on any day, even if they don't have a partner established for that day.One way that we do that is by pairing up single players on that day.

However, if there is an odd number of single players, we use a Rover process to accommodate the situation. A Rover is a player who volunteers to come to the club without a partner to play with the odd-numbered single player. The volunteer Rover plays that day for free and in addition plays for free the next time he or she plays. If the volunteer is not needed, he or she is excused for the day, and plays for free the next two times.

This process has proven to be an essential ingredient in encouraging players to join us, even if they have no partner for the day. Please consider volunteering. It's fun to meet and play with different players!!!  The sign-up sheet is at the office.    


























Where to Find Us

2144 Cemetery Road, Petoskey~ Behind Lowes ~


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Mailing Address

PO Box 722

Petoskey, MI  49770

501(c)(3) Public Charity Corp

EIN:  26-3656174

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