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Educational Resource Center - An extensive library of educational materials is housed in the room designated as a classroom at the Bridge Center.  Players are given free access to the lending library which includes materials targeted to learners across the learning spectrum – from beginners to advanced players.  Instructional information on learning bridge is complemented by materials on other bridge-related activities including classes, small-group sessions, individualized mentoring opportunities, and tournaments.


 A quiet moment in the Resource Center.

The Educational Resource Center is open to all whenever games or instructional activities are held at the Bridge Center.   (The Center currently is closed along with the bridge house during the COVID-19 pandemic.)

In 2018 and 2019, in our summertime lessons, we used books Beginning Bridge by Barbara Seagram and Linda Lee, and Defensive Play at Bridge by Barbara Seagram and David Bird.  They are readily available at  A copy is available in the Center.

Linked to Learning

The Internet offers a host of sites where you can learn to play, such as this one from the American Contract Bridge League.


As your play improves, you may want to start learning different conventions with your partner. You can consult sites such as The Bridge Guys or The Bridge Bum that explain the conventions and how to use them.


Bridge Base Online offers helpful instruction for beginners and intermediates. It allows you to play for free and to watch expert play in national tournaments.


Funbridge gives you a free download and 100 free hands that will help you develop your skills.

And here's a link to Larry Cohen and his team Bridge Made Simple Webinar Library.  Anything, and everything (!), you might want to study on Duplicate Bridge.

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