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 Online Instruction

The Center closed mid-March 2020 due to COVID-19.  Although conducting classes in the facility was not possible, instruction via online lessons was initiated and continues weekly.   The ZOOM platform is used to link our instructor with the players.  Players themselves provide the topics they'd like the instructor to address:  conventions of bidding, review of hands from a previous game, strategies to successfully play or defend a hand, etc.  These sessions are held weekly immediately prior to one of the games to help make the instruction meaningful and at the forefront of their mind during play.

In addition, PDBC has organized and conducted online games each week with follow-up lessons provided by mentor players.   Since pre-dealt hands are used at each of our games, all aspects of the play are recorded digitally and available for instructional review:  
  • each card of the dealt hands
  • the bidding of the hands by each player
  • the play of each card 

The PDBC hosts Michigan's highest number of online players in its weekly games which attests to the program's efficacy and to the interest and commitment of its senior citizens/players to their continued learning.

Where to Find Us

2144 Cemetery Road, Petoskey~ Behind Lowes ~


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Mailing Address

PO Box 722

Petoskey, MI  49770

501(c)(3) Public Charity Corp

EIN:  26-3656174

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