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NLM Swiss Nets a record 18 Teams and 1 New Life Master

Our June 2016 tournament for players who are not yet lifemasters drew a solid turnout and made Sally Veil both happy and sad. She was happy because her Swiss team won, giving her 3.3 silver points, more than she needed to become a lifemaster; sad because she can no longer play in our NLM events.

The Swiss Team competition filled 18 tables, the most we have ever had for this event. Saturday's morning session had 94 players and the afternoon had 64.

The overall total for the event was 76 tables, up from 65 last year.  During the three sessions over two days, 95 players won a total of 162.6 MPs.

Sarah and her daughter, Margaret (Meg) Maugher, had already won 4.8 points on Saturday, with most of that coming from a first-place finish in the afternoon competition. Her teammates for the Swiss were Martha Treiber, Nancy Colbert and Joe Hollis. They finished with a score of 90, the equivalent of a 75% score for the six, six-board rounds.

Nancy and Joe organized the tournament. Among other chores, they rounded up a volunteer staff to man a registration desk and clean up when the event ended.

They also were the overall point winners, with 7.3 silver added to their totals.

Above, Martha Treiber, Sally Veil, Nancy Colbert and Joe Hollis at the scoreboard. Below, Lee and Dick Culhane and Ann & Steve Judd won the C stratification.

At left, Larry Willis, who was director for both Saturday and Sunday, explains the procedures for the Swiss event.

Sunday's lunch, catered by Sweetwater, won praise for the chicken salad croissants, broccoli salad, pasta with artichoke hearts and fruit. The veggie wraps were slightly less popular among the male players.

Above, Bob Hannah and Linda Dawson (not pictured) ran Saturday's registration desk. Left, Leslie Allen sizing up the opposition. Right, accepting a score in the morning pairs competion.

Ann Hart's video from Saturday morning can be seen on our Facebook Page

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