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1 Pro + 1 Am = An Afternoon of Competitive Fun

Twice a year the lifemasters of the Petoskey Bridge Club pair up not with their usual partners but with less experienced payers -- some of them with as little as a couple of months of playing experience -- for an afternoon of teaching, learning and plain old fun.

As a result of the club's efforts this summer to reach out to new players, the field for the Oct. 7 event totaled 40 pairs, up 33% from the spring event. That required two sections of 10 tables each, just right for the 21-board event.

The session opened with club president Larry Willis explaining the procedures. Then each "amateur" player drew from a basket the name of a "Pro" who would be their partner.

After a 10-minute interval for the new partnerships to agree on their conventions, the play began.

Halfway through, the players took a break for wine and snacks and discussion of the play. Then it was back to work.

When the dust cleared, Margaret Halbrook and Peg Sjoberg took North-South honors in Section A, with Katherine Henricks and Tom Daly the East-West winners. In Section B, the N/S winners were Diane Anderson and Lynne Parker. Sally Stump and Jo Kreag won as E/W.

Above,Bernadette Burkhardt and partner Christina Homan play defense against Eva Walker and LaVonne Reed.

Below, players gathered at the food counter, at left, while Gerald Smigelski and Bob Bitterman exchanged pleasantries.

Larry Willis holds the basket full of Pro names

Above, Connie Messner and Melissa Georges discuss the conventions they will play. Below, Joan Henderson and Alicia Hopping plot strategy

Above, Robert Murray gets some pointers from Dave Deal during the mid-session break

Let's have a word of praise for the cleanup crew

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