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Ovation Hall at the Odawa Casino was often packed to the gills.

The 2016 Petoskey Regional

Breaks the Records

Joan Henderson, 

above, Edward Kukla, at right, and Pat Wood, below, competing for gold points

Debbie and Dave Deal, above, competed while, Debbie's dad, Don Downie,at  right,

 took a moment to contemplate the action.

It was just another record-breaking Petsokey Regional.

From Aug. 15 to Aug, 21, the event at the Odawa Casino filled 971 tables, with 563 players taking home 5486.38 masterpoints. The previous regional, in 2014 and also at the casino, recorded 881 tables with 517 masterpoint winners.


The 10 percent growth in attendance signifies the event's growing acceptance not just in Western Michigan but throughout the state, the nation (lots of players from Florida, for example) and the world. Once again David Bakhshi, a top professional player, made the trip from London, walking off with an event-leading 89.62 points.


Not that the local players did badly, of course.


Josie Doherty, for example, picked up 15.61 in red and gold, enough to propel her to Bronze Lifemaster status.


Susan Trimble led the list of regular Petoskey Duplicate Bridge Club players with 28.63 points. Included in her total were 8.63 gold points gained when she and Bill and Debbie and Dave Deal finished fifth overall and second in the B flight of the Sunday Swiss event that concluded the tournament.


Mike Sears, the chair of the tournament, praised the work of the volunteers from the club as well as the directors and other volunteers. He offered thanks to, among others:

  • Julie Kennedy . . . Partnership chair  (she did it all)

  • Arlene Loca . . . Registration chair  (she had 6-10 volunteers helping)

  • All members who brought card tables for us to use

  • All members who helped fold tables and put up bid boxes following the event

  • Ken Van Cleve, Mike Roberts, Diane Beyer-Martin . . . ACBL directors

  • Paul Christ . . . official assistant to the directors 

  • The Warwick brothers . . . Jake, AJ, Robert and Gopher and their dad David . . . caddies again!

  • Bob Smith, Debbie/Dave Deal, Liz/Bob Bitterman, Larry Shepherd, Larry Willis, Bill Trimble, Pam  Ziegel . . . set up and returning tables and bid boxes to club

Scenes from the Sunday Swiss, the final event

As chair of the partnership desk, Julie Kennedy, above left, found partners for 76 players in pairs events and organized 60 pairs into 30 teams to compete in knockouts and Swiss play.

Allison White and Jan Coltman, above, and Lynne Parker, below, were regulars at the registration desk. Competitors loved the registration gift, a multiple-use convention- and score-card holder provided by Unit 195.

Below, signing in for afternoon play.

Above left, Jody Barth, pondering a bid, with her partnerAbove right, Larry Willis and his partner, Marilyn Keil, deal hands.

At leftt,Tom Daly checks a score. Below, Ann Zousmer, Mary Kaye Goldblatt and Eva Walker, awaiting their next table assignments. 

The event drew players from far and wide. Below left, Gerry Hadley, of Mancelona and Sun City FL with her partner Tom Richard. Below right, sisters Roberta and Pam George who have a cottage on Lake Charlevoix. Pam generally plays in Ann Arbor.  

PDBC regulars who won 10 or more points in the regional, listed by overall rank, the number of points won, and player name.


Overall Points

Rank    Won

  30    28.63  Susan Trimble

  47    25.23  Betsy Howe

  48    25.08  Bill Trimble

  51    23.89  Peter Cullman

  52    23.89  Karen Abbott-Quigley

  53    23.77  Pamela Ziegel

  59    22.65  John Kreag

  60    22.29  Debbie Deal

  61    22.29  David Deal

  62    22.19  Jane Huff

  72    20.52  Thomas Kennedy

  73    20.52  Julia Kennedy

  74    20.35  Grant Van Horne

  75    20.04  Patricia Berger

  76    20.04  Elizabeth Stephen

  83    18.97  Mark Hess

  85    18.38  Lulie Eide

  90    17.69  Louis Slyker

 101    15.94  David Fowler

 104    15.81  Linda Roberts

 105    15.61  Josie Doherty

 106    14.57  Theodore Robinson

 109    14.34  Barb Harbaugh

 121    12.96  Carol Bertschinger

 122    12.96  Paul Nelson

 126    12.40  Patsy Warner

 130    11.81  Philomena Dillhoff

 131    11.81  Rosalie Gartner

 133    11.61  Geoffrey Goldich

 134    11.58  Joan Henderson

 136    11.38  Nancy Colbert

 142    11.07  Susan Kett

 143    11.00  Jeannette Aspenleiter

 144    10.94  Debbie Sears

 145    10.85  Jean Hunt

 155    10.23  Melissa Georges

 156    10.18  Carol Gove

Masterpoint Winners

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