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And the Winners Were .....

In the Sunday Swiss, (above) a team headed by Lou Slyker playing with Michael Kiwak, and Anita Marcus partnering Rosalie Gartner

In the Saturday morning pairs, Balky and Patti Grannis and Eileen Stapleton and Ann Torrey

In the Saturday afternoon pairs, Patricia Banfield and Anne Doublier and Betsy Willis and Mary Ann Vorhees.

June Non-Lifemaster Tournament Proves Competition Is Fun

   Our club's June tournament for players who are not yet lifemasters provided two full days of keenly fought boards -- and more good food than anyone has a right to at a bridge contest.

   The morning event on Saturday, June 24, drew 82 players, enough to fill 20 and a half tables divided into two sections. The field dropped a bit in the afternoon, to 29 pairs who played in sections of 7 and 7 1/2 tables.

   If spirits flagged, players could refresh themselves with goodies that included cucumber sandwiches and a spicy dip to die for -- as well as the standard fare of bagels and a schmear. The food was prepared by the tournament organizer, Linda Dawson, ably assisted by her sous-chef Paul. They also put out massive numbers of warm home-baked cookies for those needing a little sugar lift.

   Sunday's Swiss Team contest had 15 four-member teams going head-to-head in six, six-board rounds. The odd number of teams required one three-team round robin section, a set up that required more than the usual explanation.

   But club president Larry Willis was on hand as director, and he kept the action moving at a smooth and consistent pace. Nancy Colbert and Allison White  assisted him in making sure all went well.

   Lunch from Sweetwater drew praise for the quality (and quantity) of its veggie, fruit and pasta salads.

   The competitors for the event's silver points included players from as far away as California and Colorado. But most of the players were club regulars who have faced each other repeatedly in the Friday game for those with fewer than 200 masterpoints or the Tuesday A Section, which operates under the same limit.

   At least one team -- Michelle Robbins and Anna Saddison -- were graduates of last summer's lessons for newcomers that were given at the Petoskey Public Library.

   Below are some of the familiar faces, having fun at this well- and politely fought tournament.

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