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Another Great Sectional in Petoskey

Above, tournament organizer Nancy Colbert with Jan Coltman and the poster Jan painted.

Below, Bob Johnson and Shaw Digby, our most senior and our youngest players wait for table assignments.

The Colbert Report





By Nancy Colbert


Petoskey Bridge Club members earned glowing remarks for putting together a snack table to beat all snack tables. 

“No other tournament’s food table is better than yours.” “Yours is the best by far.” “I’m sure I’ve gained 5 pounds this weekend because the food is so good.” 

Getting the picture? 

And then the catered lunch by Sweetwater Catering on Sunday put things way over the top.

We are very fortunate to have the type of members who rise to the occasion when asked to bring in goodies for our Sectional tournament.  The quality and quantity of their contributions are outstanding.  From Nancy Nardizzi, our “cookie lady”, to Betty Stephen, our “egg lady”, to Paul Dawson, our “cucumber sandwich man”—we have many, many folks who care enough to make our snack table the talk of the weekend.  A big thanks to all who made it possible.

Also drawing numerous compliments by the attendees were the wonderful table and room decorations created by Nancy Fowler and the lovely painting at the front entrance by Jan Coltman.  Thank you Ladies.


As for the bridge, we had more tables this year than in 2012 (192 vs. 185) and the 0-99er section was very well attended. In all, 785.59 masterpoints were earned by 191 players.

PBC winners include:

Friday AM--3rd overall, Betty Stephen and Joe Hollis

              --1st in 99er, Nancy Nardizzi and Doris Lundteigen

Friday PM--2nd overall, Jonathan Friendly and Susan Jackson

Sat. AM--1st on 99er, Connie Messner and Pat Jeffs

Sat. PM--2nd overall, Dave Fowler and Marilyn Keil


Duplicate Swiss Teams was introduced on Sunday. The ability to review the hands after play was very popular with the non-life master participants but drew a mixed response from the more experienced players.

The day’s play ran longer than usual due to the instruction period required before play started and the learning curve involved during the first couple of rounds. This format shouldn’t take any longer once players are familiar with it; in fact it should run faster as no shuffling is required before each round.




2015 Tournament Team


Chair                           Nancy Colbert

Past Chair                   Mike Sears

Partnerships                Lynne Parker

Decorations                 Nancy Fowler

Kitchen                        Nancy Fowler

                                    Bernadette Burkhardt

                                    Lucia West

Registration                 Pam Ziegel

Flyer and signage        Linda Roberts

Photos/media              Jonathan Friendly

Artwork                        Jan Coltman

Beverages                   Dave Fowler

Set up/Take down        Don Burkhardt

Clean up crew              Kathy Thompson

                                     Jody Barth 

                                     Leslie Allen

Table transporters        Bill and Susan                                                Trimble 

                                     Martha Treiber                                               Nancy Kohler


Duplicate Swiss            Bill Northrup,


Daily Mini-lessons        Bob Houtrow


                                     Bob Korten


Tournament Director    Ken Van Cleve

Fabulous snacks           Petoskey Bridge

                                      Club volunteers

The Petoskey Bridge Club was host for another highly successful sectional tournament, held at the Emmet County Fairground Sept. 25-27. The Sunday Swiss match, featuring a new duplicate format, was dedicated to Jean and Shirley Carpenter, whose vision and generosity made the 8-year-old club the center for duplicate play in northern Michigan. Following is a report from the tournament chair.

Julie and Tom Kennedy and Linda and Paul Dawson display the cakes an anonymous donor provided in honor of the Carpenters

Above, Ken Van Cleve, with Paul Christ and Bill Northup posting scores.Below, Doris Lunteigen discusses a board.

Above, Nancy Kohler and Pam Ziegel between rounds.

Below, Betty Stephen checks a score in the Swiss.

Above, Mason Rosenthal and Madelon Weber  contemplate their hands.

Below , the Francis team checks the imps after a Swiss matchup.

Below, Bob Korten of Frankfort arranges his cards. He and Bob Houtrow of  Delton provided daily mini-lessons.. And each won 27.19 masterpoints during the tournament.

Yummie, Yummie

A bridge tournament may be judged by the quality of the food as well as the quality of the play. Below, Pam Ziegel and Lynne Parker on the lunch line Sunday. Right, nothing beats the volunteer's goodies.

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