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Hearts and Diamonds Tourney
Draws a Cheerful Crowd

Our annual tournament pairing our newer, less experienced players with older hands at the game drew an enthusiastic crowd of 70 for the June 9 event. Formerly known as the Pro-Am, the competition has been rechristened as the Diamonds-Hearts Tournament. The event began at 9 with pizza and conversation before the partnerships were formed by a random drawing. The new partnerships had a few minutes to agree on a convention card before they tackled the 21 boards.

The next Diamond-Heart tournament will be Oct. 6.

Posters Greeted the Players
(Artwork by John Roberts, also known as Mr. Linda)
Drawing for Partners
Serious Thinkers Only!

And the Winners Are ...

In  Section A, the honors went to (left to right) Cindy Johncox and Suzy Kett (not shown) and Marion Stetson and Jan Coltman. 

In Section B the winners were Connie Messner and Pam Ziegel (not shown) and Debbie Deal and Mary Ann Vorhees.

A Corner Discussion Before Play Began

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