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New Series of Bridge Lessons Attracts 50 Players

Nobody wants to play bridge any more, right? Wrong, In June 2017, nearly 50 Petoskey-area residents came for free bridge lessons, packing the main playing room for a two-hour session that included the basics of what was once one of the nation's most popular card games.

A dozen of the students were getting their first taste of how the game is organized and contested, while three dozen others who have had some experience were tutored on the more advanced bidding and playing systems of duplicate games.

Among the students Wednesday was Michael Coltman, who said he was inspired by his wife Jan's enthusiasm for the game. "It was about time for me to start learning," he said.

Leading the class for the newcomers, "the diamonds" was Bernadette Burkhardt and her coteacher, Linda Dawson. Helping with the individual tables were Don Burkhardt and Paul Dawson.

Coteaching the somewhat more experienced pleyers, "the hearts" were Allison White and Linda Roberts. Assisting were Kathy Hendricks, Pandy Huff and Pam Ziegel. 

Keeping it all running smoothly behind the scenes was Larry Willis.

Several of the students from the lessons the club gave last year at the Petoskey Public Library have become club regulars.

Above, Allison White talks to the students about how bridge has affected her life. Below, among the students were Grace Ketchum and Dot Simon.

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