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Photos by Arlene Loca

Fall Event -- Hearts, Diamonds, Food and Laughs 

It used to be known as the "Pro-Am." Now it is the "Hearts and Diamonds." But whatever the name, it is a great opportunity for newer players to pair up with some of the club's most experienced hands for an afternoon of spontaneous fun -- and a chance to pile up some masterpoints.

The play on Friday Oct. 6 drew 31 less-experienced Diamonds who were paired, at random, with a like number of Hearts. After a quick discussion of the conventions they wanted to play, the pairs settled down to contest 21 boards.

The winners were (below, left to right) Gloria Ferris and Mike Sears, Kathie Glass and Debbie Sears, Les Atchison and John Kreag and Joan Henderson and Marion Stetson.

Good snacks are a Petoskey Bridge Club hallmark

Learners Played in the Library

While the Hearts and Diamonds were going at it in the main room, our newest players were equally busy in the Learning Center. A dozen players mostly concentrated on their own boards, but they also got a chance to listen in on the fun time underway in the main room. What an inspiration!

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