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Spring Pro-Am Packs the House

And the Winners Were......

Arlene Loca and Liz Taylor, Lucia Oelz and Pam Ziegel

Our annual spring event pairing "experts" with "amateurs" drew a full complement of 30 teams on Friday, June 10. Festivities began with a breakfast at the clubhouse at 9 and the determination of the pairs. The names of the "Pros" are printed on slips and tossed in a basket. The "Amateurs" picked the slips from the basket and then settle down with their new partner to agree on a convention card for the event.

Most of the pros were Lifemasters. The amateurs generally came from our 199-er game; some are brand new players with no masterpoints. 

The club is planning a second Pro-Am for the fall.

Above, Larry Willis explained the rules. Below, left, Nancy Weller, partnered by Joe Brubaker, readies a bid against Tom Kennedy and Ann Hart. Below right, good food and flowers for the breakfast.

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