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2015 NLM Tournament




Our 2015 sectional for non-Life Masters for players with fewer than 500 Masterpoints was another fine event for the Petoskey Bridge Club.  The two pairs sessions on Saturday morning and afternoon filled 36 1/2 tables, while the Sunday Swiss event had 56 players filling 14 teams.  


Seventy-nine players won a total of 136.24 masterpoints.


The weekend's big winners were Nancy Colbert and Joe Hollis, with wins in all three sessions that brought them 8.89 silver points. Nancy and Joe, who were the organizers of the tournament, played with Martha Treiber and Sarah Veil in the Swiss, winning 6 of their 7 matches. 


The weekend's  top score, 65.48%, went to Becky Bills and Mary Lou Dinon, playing Saturday morning and walking away 4.30 silver points richer. Larry Willis did is usually fine job of directing the games, and the Saturday session was brightened by a lovely bouquet of peonies that Debbie Sears arranged.

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