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Our parking lot was filled and then some.

A Record Turnout for Regular Play

The room was just packed! And the parking lot was overflowing.

With rain sweeping clean the golf courses of northern Michigan, we had a record turnout of 106 players (26 and 1/2 tables) for Tuesday, Aug. 25.

Director Lynne Parker had to deal with challenging logistics. She set up extra tables in the main room,  and even so we had two tables in the learning center/library, leaving no place for the sit-out table to confer. There were not enough Bridgemates for all the tables, so some of the scores had to be kept manually and entered into the computer at the end of the day's play.

But the hands were challenging as always, the level of play high and the excitement palpable all morning long. A red-letter day for the Petoskey Duplicate Bridge Club.

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2144 Cemetery Road, Petoskey~ Behind Lowes ~


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