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Sectional Lauded

It was a great weekend for bridge at the Petoskey Fairgrounds. Our club's biennial fall sectional won praise from visiting players (including several professionals) who cited not just the ambience and the food but, more important, the uniformly pleasant, welcoming conduct of our players.

"The hospitality was unequalled," said Robert Varty of Grand Rapids, who was part of the team that won the Sunday Swiss with an astounding 124 victory points out of 140. In an email to tournament chair Nancy Colbert, Varty wrote: 

"Your area players are super - cordial, sincere, helpful, and above all else, friendly.  If all players were as thoughtful and cooperative as they are, there would be no need for a zero tolerance policy."

Over the three days of Sept. 24-26, the event garnered 185 tables of play, with 179 players winning a total of 737.78 silver points. Particularly notable was the number of players in the 199er games. They filled 13 tables Friday morning, 8 Friday afternoon, 11 on Saturday morning and 6 that afternoon. On Sunday that game had 8 teams competing for the Swiss game.

Visitors comprised 17 of the top 20 masterpoint winners, but also on that list were our club players Melissa Georges, Debbie Sears and Jonathan Friendly.

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