When to Play

Winter Closing Policy

We are closed when North Central Michigan College is closed. You can check their webpage here.

November- April 

Fall-Winter Schedule

Monday        12:30 pm       Open Game (All Players) (suspended)

Tuesday       12:30 pm       Open Game

                                           199er separate section

Wednesday  12:30 pm       Open Game (All Players) (suspended)

Thursday      12:30 pm       Open Game (All Players)

                       6:30 pm       Open Game (suspended)

Friday           12:30 pm       Open Game 

                                           199er separate section  

Saturday       Closed 

Sunday         Closed

May - October

Spring-Summer Schedule


Monday        10:00 am       Open Game (All Players)

Tuesday       10:00 am       Open Game

                                           199er separate section

Wednesday  10:00 am       Open Game (All Players)

Thursday      10:00 am       Open Game (All Players)

                       6:30 pm       Open Game (All Players)

                                               (registration required)

Friday           10:00 am       199er players only

Saturday       Closed 

Sunday         Closed

Where to Find Us

2144 Cemetery Road, Petoskey~ Behind Lowes ~


Phone Answered During

Playing Times



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