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Tournament chair Nancy Colbert Says:

In mulling it over I guess you could say that this tournament is run in a manner similar to our bridge club. There’s an administrative head and numerous deputies with their own responsibilities acting mostly independently. Everything gets done beautifully and without much fuss.

“Many hands make light work” were the words atop the Snack sign up sheets. Very apropos.

We had 52 volunteers. Kind of like a deck of cards …..Lots of Aces supported by Kings, Queens and Jacks. And they all deserve to be honored.

The snack table lived up to its stellar reputation because of the wonderful contributions by so many of our members.

At the risk of leaving someone important off of this list here it is:

Decorations Nancy Fowler

Set up/Take down Mike Sears, Don and Bernadette Burkhardt

Photos and Media Jonathan Friendly

Printed materials Linda Roberts and Linda Temple

Beverages Dave Fowler

Front Desk Barbie Claggett, Pandy Huff, Linda Roberts

Mini-lessons Mike Sears and Bob Houtrow

Kitchen Betty Stephen, Bernadette Burkhardt, Debbie Sears, Grace Ketchum

Partnership Desk Susan Trimble and Debbie Deal

Special Mention Betty Stephen, Paul and Linda Dawson, Nancy Nardizzi, Debbie and Mike Sears,

Don and Bernadette Burkhardt, Barbie Clagett, Larry Willis, Jonathan Friendly, Melissa Georges

Petoskey Sectional 2017: Faces at the Tables 

Duplicate bridge, even at a tournament, may be serious stuff, but that doesn't mean players can't enjoy themselves.

Debbie Sears (top right) celebrated her birthday in the midst of play. Others studied cards and convention sheets. And through it all, we remained competitive but polite and welcoming.  

How Good Was the Food?
Splendidly Luscious
There Were Lessons to Be Learned Every Day

Who says you can't learn anything at a tournament? Voluteers Mike Sears and Robert Houtrow conducted mini-lessons before the days play began. The sessions were well attended and much enjoyed. Thank you, Bob and Mike

And that very last board to be played really needed to be played

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Where to Find Us

2144 Cemetery Road, Petoskey~ Behind Lowes ~


Phone Answered During

Playing Times

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Mailing Address

PO Box 722

Petoskey, MI  49770

501(c)(3) Public Charity Corp

EIN:  26-3656174

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